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Johansson is top 10 in the world

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2003-01-22: Johansson is top 10 in the world

For on-line information: www.super-series.com

Anders JohanssonTwenty-six year old Anders Johansson from Sweden can call himself one of the Top 10 strongest men in the world during 2002 after the Strongman Super Series Final held in Oahu, Hawaii on January 18th, 2003.

Johansson made an impressive performance during the Strongman Super Series Grand Prix Final in Hawaii. He finished top 10 in all six disciplines except for the problematic Apollon Front Squats. “I knew, especially after my results in the Stockholm Grand Prix in November, that I had a great opportunity to finish Top 10 in the Super Series final standings of 2002. I have therefore been focusing 100%…”, said Johansson.

With yet another Top 10 finish in a Strongman Super Series Grand Prix, Johansson received 1 point to be added to his Super Series final standing, which put him in the Top 10 for the year (2002). Johansson also placed fifth in the first Grand Prix event of 2003 on Sunday 19th (same site, Hawaii), which put him in the Top 5 of the current 2003 Super Series standings.

Johansson is 184 cm tall and weighs an impressive 150 kg. He works as an engineer for the company SCA and trains hard on his free time to prepare for the strongman competitions around the world.

Magnus Samuelsson, World Champion 2001, could not compete during Super Series 2002 due to injury.

Hugo Girard from Canada is the World Champion 2002:

Hugo GirardGirard is the indisputable strongest man and World Champion of 2002 by winning two (Stockholm, Hawaii) and coming in second (Aberdeen) in the total of three Grand Prix events of 2002. He finishes the Super Series 2002 final standings with a total of 21 points followed by Svend Karlsen, Norway 17 points, Zydrunas Savickas, Lithuania (13 points) and Mariusz Pudzanowski, Poland (10 points).

Girard also set a new amazing world record in Apollon Axle Lift with 175 kg during the first Grand Prix event of 2003 on Sunday 19th . However, Mariusz Pudzanowski won the Grand Prix.

Strongman Super Series is since 2001 the official world tour where the best of the best, the strongest of the strongest and the biggest of the biggest in the world, are competing in different extreme strength disciplines during the entire year. The leader in the Super Series final standings at the end of the year is awarded the official title “IFSA World Champion”.

All Strongman Super Series Grand Prix events are featured on TV-channels world wide, including Eurosport. The potential TV-audience is over 300 million viewers represented in over 50 different countries. Strongman Super Series is sanctioned by the International Federation of Strength Athletes (IFSA) and organised by the Swedish company World Class International as the tour promoter.

For on-line information: www.super-series.com

For more information, please contact:

Mr. Ulf Bengtsson, Tour President
Mr. Jonas Elmblad, Tour Coordinator
E-mail: jonas@super-series.com
Phone: +32-2-551 59 98
Fax: +32-2-502 45 81